Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Precise enough

When it comes to buying something specific and perfect tools for manufacturers all that comes in our mind is to trust someone who can provide us with accurately measured delivery. these are the basic things which combines and form the huge backdrop of the machines used in the engineering industries. at Usha Precision Products Pvt. Ltd., specialize in manufacturing a wide range of highly precise machined and ground brass turned components and other products like pins, dowel pins, deep groove ball bearings, shafts, spindles, etc. Promoters of the company have a rich experience of around 4 decades in field of high precision manufacturing.

Established in 1992, the company now exports its products to more than 150 customers in over 40 countries
around the globe. they have world-class manufacturing units at Jaipur, India with a skilled and competitive workforce. Currently, they are producing nearly 2.5 million machined & ground pins and more than 20.0 million cold forged steel rivets every day. from different grades of stainless steel and other ferrous & non-ferrous  metals as per customers' technical drawings and specifications.

Steel pins can have various applications in the form of dowels, axles, shafts, rotor shafts, spindles, plungers, pistons, rods, needles, needle rollers, arbors, pivots, spacer, mils, axis, etc. usha precision works on this mantra that “ the quality you desire…. We create it”. So, there is clearly no issue about the quality when you deal with them. They also produce customized tools as per your consideration and size expectations.  the high degree of quality of the products is maintained through a thorough scrutiny of raw materials, regular machinery maintenance, and in-process inspection. These have been embedded into their production schedule and are strictly adhered to. There is a strong emphasis on continuous improvement and on avoiding time delays. Every employee is dedicated toward this aim and every measure and care is taken to ensure production of superior products, quality packaging, timely delivery, competent prices and excellent after sales service.Visit Us