Friday, 30 October 2015

All about Rivets

Permanent mechanical fasteners are known as rivets. Solid metal rivets consist of cylindrical shafts with heads in one end. The opposite end is called the tail. Rivets are a great option to support tension loads and work most effectively for shear loads. Bolts and screws, on the other hand, are better for tension applications. The traditional fastenings used in wooden boat building were generally copper nails and cinch bolts which have functions and principles similar to that of a rivet. They are therefore classified among nails and bolts correspondingly.
There are varied types of rivets such as the round head rivets, high-strength structural steel rivets, semi-tubular rivets, blind rivets, and drive rivets, flush rivet, friction-lock rivet etc. Each kind has a different use and function but on the whole, all of them are used as fasteners. It is an interesting fact that famous metal framed buildings and structures such as the Sydney Harbor Bridge, the Eiffel tower etc. were held together by riveting as the technique of welding and bolting of joints was not introduced back then. Aircrafts still use riveting as it requires light weight but high strength fastening. 

Riveting is also used for sheet metal alloys to avoid the deformation and modification of material properties that can occur due to welding.  Rivets were also used widely in many tanks during the Second World War. Usha Precision is a company which is a known stainless steel pins suppliers and pins & shafts manufacturer. With more than two decades of experience, Usha produces exceptional quality products which are also customizable for their valued customers. Visit Us