Sunday, 24 April 2016

Getting the best products out

In the present day, Usha Precision is still working towards getting the best results through the gifted and able manufacturing and proficient work force. Each product is made with colossal care and expertise and the standards of the company are maintained till this date. Renowned as Stainless Steel Pins Manufacturer, they curate an extensive range of hundred percent original and customizable precision turned parts and components as per customers’ technical requirements and specifications. 

Their wide range of products is sprawled over forty countries across the world. The idea behind the competency is to follow and strictly adhere to ISO defined quality control norms and measures. Promoters of the company have a rich understanding of around four decades in the field of high precision manufacturing. The sound infrastructure is fundamental in meeting the accurate necessities & principles of the industry. The technical understanding coupled with the immense know-how of the engineers help in culminating products beyond comparison. 

Usha Precision is equipped with ample manufacturing facilities such as automats, lathe machines, thread rolling, deem capstans, wire drawing machinery, SPMs, shaker-hearth furnace etc. With the afore pointed out facilities the company is extremely capable of manufacturing operations such as tapering, hardening, heading, centre-less grinding, wire drawing, cold-forging, electro-plating, super-finishing, annealing and produce items like Stainless Steel Dowel Pins, Rotor Shafts, Spindles, Plungers etc. Their team forms the backbone that consists of an assiduous team of technicians, engineers and mechanics. The rich skills and competence fuel the zeal of the company. There is a strong emphasis on continuous improvement and on avoiding time delays. Every employee is dedicated toward this aim and every measure and care is taken to ensure production of superior products, quality packaging, timely delivery, competent prices and excellent after sales service.