Thursday, 27 August 2015


Machines have been amongst the greatest inventions of human beings. We have machines that can perform the simplest task and at the same time we have machines performing the most complex tasks for us.  A machine comprises of various small and big components. These components can be generic or specific. Specific components are manufactured on demand and are not so easy to be found. Talking of generic components, they can easily be found and are manufactured on a large scale. A nut and a screw are the very basic form of generic components and can be easily found in any machine. If one gives a closer look to things around us, generic components can be easily found. Spindles, plungers also belong to the same categorization. Without a spindle, the gate hinges are useless.

Below are 3 basic components that we come across often but might not be aware of exactly what they are and why they are used.

Precision Components

The best example of a precision component is Tap driver. It is responsible for maintaining the flow of water in your taps. If you have ever removed the knob of a tap the first thing that comes across is a tap driver. Precision components are built keeping in mind the lifespan, quality, precision function the component need to perform and its low maintenance. They are so designed that they function independent of one another and have a longer wear life.

Needle Rollers

Needle roller bearings are used the most in automobiles. The length of the bearing is the reason why they are different from normal bearings and given the name Needle rollers. They have a larger area of contact with the shaft and provide better friction as compared to roller bearings.  The typical needle roller consists of a needle cage embedded with needle rollers. They have larger load bearing capacities as compared to their counterparts.

Brass Turned Components

As the name suggests Brass Turned Components are manufactured using brasses and are counted amongst the highest quality components due to their wear life, cost and performance. They find a wide variety of use in automobile, medical and security industry. They are preferred the most for engine manufacture due to the resistance they offer to heat and the low maintenance cost.

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