Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The Name Is Enough

With an experience of more than twenty years, Usha Precision has spread its luminosity over 40 countries. The contemporary rate of production is impressive and all the manufacturing is practiced under strict ISO quality norms and standards. Their range of products comprises steel pins, spindles, pistons, dowel pins and the like. The company is all renowned as solid rivet manufacturers. The immensely competent infrastructure is fundamental in meeting the exact requirements & standards of the industry.  One of the great features of their manufacturing unit is that they take custom orders and help in creating bespoke products.

Usha Precision possess well-resourced production units with skilled employees, which are backed by latest expertise and sophisticated machinery. They work to continuously upgrade their product range to keep pace with the international markets. The company has brilliant and adequate manufacturing facilities such as automates, lathe machines, thread rolling, wire drawing machinery, SPMs, shaker-hearth furnace etc.  Their products are further used in machinery parts and different kinds of bearings such as the dowel groove ball bearings. Their team forms the backbone that consists of the conscientious and diligent team of technicians, engineers and mechanics. The rich experience and competence fuels the zeal of the company. Every employee is dedicated ensuring production of superior products and excellent after sales service.

Usha Precision as a company has proved their fineness for more than two decades and it is still striving towards gaining the best results through their gifted manufacturing and proficient workforce. The production is proficient and done with great care and expertise and each product is unique and timeless in its own.

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