Friday, 18 December 2015

The World of Tools

In the world of machinery, there are multitudinous parts, fixtures and other assembling parts. Usha precision is a pioneer in developing such parts and is one of the most efficient precision turned parts manufacturers and also renowned as stainless steel components manufacturers.  Their range of products has almost everything, from stainless steel dowel pins and shafts to axels and stepped rivets.

Dowel pins are shortened lengths of full-sized dowels. They are usually of hard wood.  They may
undergo a secondary operation, such as planing or grooving if it is needed. Metal dowel pins undergo a casting process. The materials that are commonly used for metal dowel pins manufacture include aluminum for its lightness, ductility, conductivity. Brass is also used as it is strong, ductile, conductive, and resistant to corrosion. Also, stainless steel is also extensively used as it has a high pressure rating, and is chemical and corrosion resistant. Plastic dowels are formed via plastic injection molding.

After deciding the material for the dowel pins, the sizing is done. Most dowels produced are of the straight dowel variety. There are a limited number of dowel pin types.  Locating pins, cotter pins, and spring pins.

Dowels are used in numerous and diverse applications including as axles in toys, detents, structural reinforcements in cabinet making, and also as supports for tiered cakes. Other varied uses include furniture shelf supports, moveable game pieces or pegs. They are also used as supports for hanging items such as clothing, key rings, tools and the like.

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